3 reasons your spouse may try to drag out your divorce

California law requires divorcing spouses to go through a number of steps to end their marriages. Even if you and your husband or wife agree on virtually everything, you can expect your divorce to take at least six months to become final.

If there are any disagreements or other issues, finalizing the end of your marriage may take considerably longer. While your spouse probably cannot prevent you from ending your marriage, he or she can drag out the process. Here are three common reasons divorcing spouses tend to do so.

1. Hiding assets

The Golden State is a community property jurisdiction, which means you and your husband or wife have equal ownership of the marital estate. To try to gain an unfair advantage when dividing marital wealth, your spouse may prolong your divorce to hide assets. Finding disguised wealth may also take you some considerable time.

2. Wearing down the other person

Employing divorce-related delay tactics may also be an effective way to wear you down. If your spouse wants a larger share of the marital estate or custody of your kids, he or she may stall until you lose your patience and settle.

3. Failing to acknowledge the reality

Your spouse simply may not be ready to call it quits. If your husband or wife still believes your marriage is salvageable, he or she may delay until you change your mind. Alternatively, if your spouse has limited income, he or she may be trying to live the good life as long as possible.

There are ways to deal with a stalling spouse, of course. Ultimately, if you suspect yours may be dragging his or her feet, you may need to take immediate steps to move the process along.

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