Where should I live during a divorce?

You and your spouse have decided to divorce, and you are now dealing with many daunting questions. Who gets to keep your family mementos? Is it better to mediate your divorce, or litigate? How will you reach a custody arrangement?

One of the most pressing questions that you may face is where you should stay during and after your divorce. This is not a question to be taken lightly. When you are making this decision, there are several factors that you should take into account.

The marital home

The home that you and your spouse shared during the marriage may be loaded with difficult memories. Not to mention that some couples can hardly stand each other during a divorce. The emotional component of remaining in the marital home with an ex-partner is often too much to bear. Still, staying in your marital home may be the best financial option for the moment. It also spares you the stress of packing your things, finding a new place and moving.

A new house

The second option is purchasing a new home that belongs solely to you. This can be a good choice if your finances permit you to make a down payment, make monthly mortgage payments and also pay your divorce costs. Many people find that a new home—or condo, or townhouse—can feel like a fresh start on life. It can also be a smart investment for your future.

A rental

A happy medium between these two choices is to stay in a rental property. Renting is often a good option when you are in a transitional period in your life. It is less permanent than buying a home, and often much less expensive. You will not have to worry about maintaining the property, which is a load of stress off your back. And once the court has issued your divorce decree and you have an idea of what your finances will look like post-divorce, you can reconsider long-term options for housing.

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